Are you a purposeful worshipper

IMG_3264Matt 2:1-12
The three wise men were seeking Him because they knew He was the savior of the world.

*Are you actively seeking after Him

What would you do if you see the star?
Will you be able to leave everything to pursue the star?
He wants a deeper relationship with us. Are you saying God I want more of You? Many of us are waiting for God to pursue us instead of you pursuing Him. Have hunger for God.

*Are you a purposeful worshipper

The three wise men humbled themselves and bowed down and worshipped Him. They did not worship Him because of what He has done but they worshipped Him for who He is. He has done enough for us.
Like the three wise men, what gifts are you bringing to Him
What are you doing to give back to Jesus?
Whom do you mentor
Whom do you inspire
Do you honor Jesus with what you have?
Are you willing to change directions?
When you have encounter with Jesus, things change. He said to the three wise men go back with another route.


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