Season of Spiritual Evaluation

I believe we all need to go through a season of spiritual evaluation as believers at one point in our lives. We need to check ourselves. Just like we do with our physical bodies with the physical examinations so does our spiritual health needs to be assessed. In times of trials that’s when we see our spiritual level. There is no time to be a lukewarm believer, it’s either you in or you out. God is looking for those who diligently seek Him.

Whatever you going through do not let go of your faith, growth comes through trials – “hold on”.  It might be painful right now but God’s Word says He will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born. Listen at the end of it all you coming out GOLD. For the gold to be refined it goes through a process, it goes through an intense fire. That is what purifies the gold. This is a process what you going through to get to where God designed you to be. YOU COMING OUT GOLD.

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